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Hey guys, just thought we could have a thread like this to post scripts, links to videos, ideas, questions, basically anything to do with Filmmaking :)

I'll start this off with a question.
Anyone know why there's a 40 dollar price difference between a white board clapboard and a chalkboard one?

I'd like to get a white one but 50 bucks is expensive, especially since I'm saving for this:

Sony HDR AX2000
RRP in Australia: $5,800 :S

Also, I have a short Zombie comedy film being shot this weekend, then a week after that I am shooting a fairly big film.

If anyone wants to read any of my scripts, or wants to start writing scripts, I recommend this program.
Free and very light weight.
If you'd like to read any of mine just send me a PM with your email and I'll send it :)
What is this fairly big film about? Is it that one you were talking about last year? I can't recall fully what it was about but I do remember thinking it sounded like a good idea.

I have delusional aspirations of one day writing a screenplay but I am studying Engineering so I don't really ever see that happening. Regardless, I have been looking into scripts lately (actually, can anyone recommend a really good script?) and wouldn't mind reading yours.
Yeah, I got CeltX a few weeks ago. It's really good.
I've started writing a screenplay, but school's kinda getting in the way at the moment, so it's hard to really get into it.
And realistically, there is no way that I could possibly film a good-quality movie, as I don't have any money or time, and hardly any of the resources that I'd need. :'(
But yeah, I'm trying to decide whether I'm going to do a I.T-related Uni course or a TV and Film Directing course.
Stupid life-changing decisions. -_- :P
After next year I think I'm gonna be doing a Film course at Deakin up in Melbourne.

shiversul said: After next year I think I'm gonna be doing a Film course at Deakin up in Melbourne.

I'm a film student currently studying in Melbourne, on my 2nd year. If you guys got something up, I'm eager to get involved. If you guys want to get something up, I'm eager to get involved too.

Currently doing some 5 minute behind the scenes recording of an independent artist.
When you have finished your course, what types of jobs are available to you?
Don't know, depends on my portfolio. Right now I'm trying to do as much independent videos as possible(whether fiction film, documentary, music videos or whatever)
So there are no definite jobs at the end of the course?
Also, what camera do you own or have access to?
No. A filmmaking career (especially directing) is a highly risky one, probably one of the most riskiest job ever other than acting and the music equivalent. You will always have to give 110% in every project you would have to sacrifice a lot of things in your life, such as friends, majority of your time, your image, etc. The pressure is also enormously high. If you're the type that cannot handle pressure for months straight, don't even try. One have to be aware of the risk and the sacrifice, the pressure, accept it and keep going forward, ignoring other people's ridicule and insults.

I have access(for another 6 months) on HVX202, a JVC camera and a Z1P camera. I'm saving money to buy myself a 7D camera or a 550D.
Yeah, that's basically what I though, I'm still going to do it though.

Do many people do it?
Yeah some people do it BUT 70% of them are lazy bastards or immature morons.
Here's a quick video I did with a friend of mine last year

It's a teaser of the HSV GTO car 2002 model. Don't ask how I shot the fast driving scene.
Wow man, that driving scene was beautiful.
You made any short films or anything that are up on the net? Really interested to see any stuff like that :)

shiversul said: Wow man, that driving scene was beautiful.
You made any short films or anything that are up on the net? Really interested to see any stuff like that

I have but I couldn't put it up online because of some stupid copyright issues and legal crap that my producer forgot to deal with. This is why, unless you are 100% that your producer is reliable, produce your own stuff.
HD version will be up later, still taking time to process.
Give the description a read before you watch.

I'm filming my biggest film yet next weekend. This was sort of a filler between big projects.

I'm really happy with it, turned out well.
Haha nice work, Shaun of the Dead an inspiration of course.

What's this big project you have planned?
lol, nice job!
Thanks guys :P
It's in HD as well now!

And the big project you will have to wait :D
Here's a music video I did for an artist a year ago.

Production was probably the most stressful week of my life.
Looked really good.
Can you go into more depth as to why it was so stressful?

shiversul said: Looked really good.
Can you go into more depth as to why it was so stressful?

-1st time directing something with proper crew
-6 days shoot, 2 nights sleep
-1st time directing 4 proper actors and 12 extras
-The most egoistic crew(or people for that matter) i have ever met
-Had to choose, borrow and iron over 50 different sets of clothes.
-Nearly ruined film equipments due to rain
-One of the crewmember is probably the biggest retard with the biggest ego and the most talentless person I have ever met

and many others..
Well, it paid off man, looked great.
Trailer for my new film.
Should be out next friday.
We have been working on a little series called Room 4 Rent. Here is the latest episode.

We have two more episodes in the season and then we are staring on a new season which will be shot with a HD camera and we will be using ADR so it should look and sound pretty delicious.
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